Becoming a new mom

I will have been married to my bestfriend for six years in December of this year. We welcomed our first child, London, in April. I have been able to be a stay at home mom since March and have loved seeing her grow and change. As a new mom, I have transitioned in so many ways. I never knew my senses would become so sharp! I can hear things and see things in a different way. I can here changes in her breathing pattern when no one else can! I also have a new found respect for moms everywhere. It can be easy to judge the mom with the screaming children or think to yourself, “my kids will never do that”. However, this needs to be a judgment free Zone. You don’t know if the child is teething, how much or little sleep the mother and child have gotten, or if the baby is simply overstimulated. Those who are mothers and those who are not need to let go of the stigma of “the perfect mom” and “perfect child”. No, your house does not need to be spotless at all times. No, your child does not have to have it together in public at all times. As adults do, babies have good and bad days. Sometimes we get good sleep, sometimes our sleep is lacking. However, we must take our little ones as they are and enjoy there cute little faces. Once we stop being so worried about what others are or are not thinking we are able to free ourself of the burden of comparison and are able to better enjoy what we have in front of us!


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