Beating the chatter of the mind.

I have been reading a book by Pastor Steven Furtick called, Crash the Chatterbox. The chatterbox is that small voice in your head that whispers, “I will never be good enough”, “that was a dumb decision”, or “Why can’t I control my emotions?”. The voice knows how to nag you and to the point of anxiety, depression, or anger if you allow it. We all have times in our lives where the negative chatter gets the best of us. However, we hold the key to the door of the chatterbox. We can choose to ignore the knocks or let it in.

When we open the door and let the chatter in we tend to repeatedly go over the negative thought in our head. This process is called rumination. When left unchecked rumination leads to anxiety, depression, and a sense of helplessness.

You can combat rumination and the negative enotions that come with it. A way to defend against the chatter is to work through the rational of the chatter. Once the negative chatter starts question whether your chatter is rational or not. Once you are able to pinpoint your negative self-talk it will be easier to dispute your chatter. Don’t allow your chatter to rule your life. Take control of the chatter and come up with alternatives that disprove your thoughts.

There is an ongoing battlefield in the mind. Therefore, you must become more mindful of your thoughts so you can replace the chatter with God’s truth. Once you feel a negative shift in your emotions take time to check in with your thoughts. Also, be mindful of implementing good self care, go on a walk, talk to a peer, pray, or journal. You are capable of winning the battle!


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