The first year of motherhood.


My lovely daughter, little Miss London, turned one on April 2nd! Looking back, the time has flown and she has grown so much into her personality! I have learned so much in this time. I have found it very important to have a group of moms in my life for support! We mom’s need to support one another not compare or tear each other down!

As a new mom, you have new expectations, needs, and emotions. You may feel like a total wreck and have yet to gather your footing. You may feel like, “Who am I?”, “Will I get back the the old me?”, or “When will I get it together?”. Your motherhood journey may be rocky, smooth, or curvy. However, in the end, you will make it to your final destination. Give yourself grace in this time. Raising a child who knows they are loved, safe, and cared for is what matters.

There are articles that are polarizing and confusing, “Reason to let babies cry it out” “Reasons why you should not let babies cry it out”. Which may leave you screaming, “What do I do”?

A special gifting we develop as a mom is “mother’s intuition”. Do what you feel is best for your little one. We don’t need to fall into the “comparison trap”. Everyone has struggles and looking to the left or right around you can breed depression, confusion, anger or anxiety. It is okay to seek guidance, but don’t let that bleed into comparison. Mom’s may compare when their child starts walking, talking, and so on. Mom’s also may compare parenting styles. However, Theodore Roosevelt said it best, “Comparison is the thief of joy”.

What I have found in this first year of London’s life is that nothing else matters around me except my husband and her. Life and time are such precious commodities and can’t be spent on fleeting things. I have learned to enjoy the moment, do what I feel is best and let God handle the rest. I have been able to cherish life, laugh at my mistakes and take things a little less seriously. I don’t ask “who am I?” I am Whitney, a wife, mother, and a child of God! I know, accept, and love who I am in this season and I know that change is ever constant. In each season of life, we change and change can be hard. Don’t compare yourself to the “old you” because that is defeating as well. Sometimes you maybe crying, laughing, or feeling angry/defeated/not enough. Just know this to shall pass, you are enough, and these ups and downs are normal!

How did you learn to accept your new identity when you became a mom?


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