Starting 2019 off right!

20190101_121315_0001Have a wonderful and blessed 2019! I am so thankful for all of the support this year! Every year to begin the year my husband and I choose a word that we are standing on for 12 months! Our word for this year is PURPOSE! We want to be led in every decision we make and have a specific trajectory that we are aiming for. Furthermore, at the beginning of every year we start a 21 day fast. We have done a complete Daniel’s fast before, but sometimes we fast specific things. We started our fast December 26th and will not indulge in sweets, drink pop, or go out to eat at all. If you know us personally you know we LOVE to go out to eat! I just want to encourage you for the 2019 year. Make plans to write out your goals and aim for progress and not perfection. Give yourself grace in this time! Instead of trying to eliminate things for 2019 simply add positives to your life. Two things I plan to do is add drinking water, and reading my Bible more throughout the day! Here are some tips for making goals that will stick:

  1. Have 3 goals or less. Do not self-sabotage progress or overwhelm yourself by not having targeted and fewer goals makes it easier to achieve your goals long term. Sometimes having to many goals makes things inconsistent and scattered. If you get easily overwhelmed set fewer goals so you can have laser focus.
  2. Be grateful. Make sure you take heart the “small victories”. You may sometimes  overlook your achievements if they are not the big knock em’ out of the park accomplishment.
  3. Write your goals down. The act of writing your goals down makes them more real and attainable. Use a sticky note to write your goals down where you can see them every day! I have my goals taped on the garage door entry so I can see them every morning when I leave.
  4. Overcome fear. Fear of failure is a strong force that will handicap your potential. Make 2019 the year you put away fear. Visualize obstacles as well as achievements so you feel better able to face challenges. Fear happens when we feel things are unknown or grey. If you visualize potential obstacles and overcoming them you will come out feeling more confident and prepared.

The four tips from above will help you formulate some goals that will stick in 2019. There is a stigma that has been attached to New Years resolution that they fall off quickly. Do not be apart of that statistic by making goals for 2019 that stick. For more information on how to make goals that stick feel free to message me or leave a comment! Have a Happy New Year!

What are your goals for 2019?


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