Do I have unhealthy boundaries?

Having a fear of confrontation is a common theme I see in my office. I have seen people who would rather shove their own emotions down than express what they are feeling. They even go as far as to be passive even after a boundary has been clearly violated. The theme I get is that “I […]

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My goals are falling flat

A Harvard study showed that roughly 83 percent of people living in the United States do not have goals. That is a statistic worth looking into! The purpose of a goal is to give you direction to reach the desired result. Without goals, you can find yourself in the proverbial “reaching for straws” mode. If you do not have […]

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8 Healthy Communication Tips

Do you feel like you tend to talk in circles with your significant other? Until you implement effective communication techniques you may never fully dialogue about the issue at hand. Dr. John Gottman has stated that 69% of marital/couples issues are perpetual problems that are deemed “unsolvable”. What does that mean exactly? Instead of trying to figure out solutions start a dialogue […]

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