How to alleviate negative emotion

Have you ever felt angry, depressed, or anxious about a situation? Whenever you feel overcome by intense emotion it is time to check in on your thoughts. Little do we know we have “automatic thoughts” that are cued during every event we encounter. For example, if your friend is late to dinner. There maybe a […]

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Not feeling heard

Proper communication is the basis of any strong relationship. “Not feeling heard” is one of the biggest complaints I receive from couples. Many times people feel they are fighting to get there partner to see where they are coming from. When a partner does not feel heard it affects the intimate connection and damages the […]

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The harm in criticism 

Criticism is what is called a “relationship killer.” It is also considered one of “the four horsemen of the apocalypse”. That means that it is one of four characteristics in a relationship that points to a rapid decline, dissatisfaction, and a high predictor of divorce. Research suggests that we must say five positive things for […]

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Living a healthy life

Self care is of utmost importance! As a new mom, I pride myself in making sure I am adequately caring for myself! Sometimes moms can get so caught up in taking care of everyone else, that they forgo time for themselves. It’s okay to take 20 minutes to yourself to regroup, sit in silence, or […]

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Becoming a new mom

I will have been married to my bestfriend for six years in December of this year. We welcomed our first child, London, in April. I have been able to be a stay at home mom since March and have loved seeing her grow and change. As a new mom, I have transitioned in so many […]

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The Tulsa wedding show

The Tulsa wedding show was an amazing opportunity to meet with brides to be, congratulate them on their big day, and educate them on the benefits of premarital therapy. Many are stigmatized by the word “therapy”. Therapy does not equate to “not having everything together”. Therapy is a good way to obtain or enhance personal […]

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